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Russian-English Fifty Topics for Beginners
Russian-English Fifty Topics for Beginners
Russian-English Fifty Topics for Beginners
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Russian-English Fifty Topics for Beginners

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The volume consists of three sections: Fifty Topics (Present Simple), Special Training on Past Simple and Fifty Topics (Past Simple). Each topic in Section One contains basic Russian grammar structures that correspond to be, can, have, there is and other basic verbs in Present Simple in English. The topics contain the same set of grammar structures, so the students use them hundreds of times. Section Two of the book is aimed at the development of the learner's fluency in speech through fluency practice drills. The drills are similar to physical exercises that can be practised regularly, repeated over and over again, concentrating either on their intensity and force or on rapidness and speed. Fluency training on Past Simple structures help the students of Russian improve their speaking skills. Each topic in Section Three is a story narrated in Past Simple and is a kind of supplement to the corresponding topic in Section One. The stories are told in simple, everyday colloquial style, and for easy reference the English text is printed alongside. This volume is a part of Russian-English series for beginners comprising Special Training, Fifty Topics and Dialogues and Summaries.

ИздательAlexander Pavlenko
Дата выпуска14 апр. 2013 г.
Russian-English Fifty Topics for Beginners

Alexander Pavlenko

Russian-Hungarian roots. Born in Russia. Presently lives in Budapest, Hungary. Teaches Russian, English and Hungarian in his own language school. Uses his own method, the Speech Plasma Method, which enables his students to speak and think in the language from the very first lessons. Enjoys taking on tough challenges like dealing with elderly people, dyslexic children, students with minor mental disorders. Strongly believes that if the method works for such students, it works for anyone. Has released books, ebooks, audiobooks and apps based on the Speech Plasma Method in English, Russian and Hungarian.

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