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NLP in Business [Russian Edition]
NLP in Business [Russian Edition]
NLP in Business [Russian Edition]
Аудиокнига1 час

NLP in Business [Russian Edition]

Написано Martin Leyvitz

Озвучено Alexey Muzhitskii

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The most effective technique for achieving success, approved by millions of people! NLP in Business is a universal tool that can be used to solve all emerging business issues. Set up the work of the team, conduct effective negotiations, achieve higher business indicators - all this is possible for those who own the NLP technology. We can say that NLP is a life-affirming practical method. People who use it move through life confidently and easily - it's important that the method really works! After listening to this audiobook, you will learn:
How to find resources to achieve business goals
How positive thinking helps in entrepreneurship
How to use NLP in any kind of communication, including negotiations
How to manage time with the help of NLP techniques
ИздательAB Publishing
Дата выпуска14 июл. 2017 г.
NLP in Business [Russian Edition]

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